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Easr43Street wishes all visitors a prosperous New Year 2011.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Thursday January 21, 2010
Lin Dan: Why I’m still out of action

BEIJING: Recent impressive performances by Lee Chong Wei have raised the alarm on Chinese badminton star Lin Dan.

The world No. 2, who withdrew from the Malaysian Open, said that his arch rival showed great promises in the Korean Open, winning the title without dropping a game in five matches last week.

“Although I did not go to Seoul, I followed the tournament closely. Chong Wei is now really in great form. He is a very well-rounded and world-class player,” Lin Dan told from his training base here on Tuesday.

On why he withdrew from the Malaysian Open, Lin Dan said that he wanted to train harder and regain tip-top form before going to Kuala Lumpur to compete in the tournament.

“But I have not adjusted to the best of condition. If I go for competitions in a hurry, I will not only be unable to play to my best ability but I will also risk getting injured,” he said.

He added that it was inevitable that other Chinese singles players, Chen Jin and Bao Chunlai, could not play to their true ability in the Korean Open as they had not been training systematically thus far.

Lin Dan said that he would start his season with the defence of the All-England title in Birmingham in March.
Note :
East43Street always believe that Lin Dan is a much better player than Lee Chong Wei and couldn't wait for another clash between the two world class champions in The Malaysian Open. East43Street has no longer believe that. The act of pulling out of tournament when learning that your opponent is in top form is not admirable at all. Lin Dan is not sick or anything. Come on Lin Dan, or you are just a little chicken Lin.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Lotus F1 has lost Petronas sponsorship bid to Mercedes GP. With Petronas on their stable, Mercedes GP is now known as Mercedes GP Petronas. This event has drawn a lot of local criticism mainly on how Petronas is less patriotic for not sponsoring Malaysian-backed Lotus F1 team.
From day one of its inception, Petronas has been all about serious business and has never been in 'syok sendiri' mode. Sponsoring an untested Malaysian-backed team is just another 'syok sendiri' affair which is appeared not to be in Petronas vocabulary. A bet between Tony Fernandes, the Lotus F1 Team Principal and Richard Branson, the Virgin Racing Team Principal on which team would be in front is a clear evident of a Malaysian 'syok sendiri' story. Tony vowed to get Richard to wear Air Asia's flight assistant outfit and to serve on Air Asia's flight. Yes, it is good to read, but it doesn't impress Petronas at all. It won't contribute to Petronas high performance fuel and lubricant global business. In short, it would be a gain to Tony but none to Petronas rather than to get Petronas' logo displayed on the Lotus F1 cars during the races, if Lotus F1 cars ever made it to the camera. Well, it may not been covered at all if the cars left as the back markers during the races.
Azam Aris had said in the Edge of 11 January 2010, "So, in this scenario, sponsoring the Mercedes team is the perfect platform for the national oil corporation to continue its business development journey via F1. Branding wise, the exposure that Mercedes gets thorough various mediums, notably television and media - especially with seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher as the driver for the 2010 season is a sure winner. Petronas , which now gets back its corporate green colour on the team ensures the name Malaysia is also on the livery of the Mercedes GP Petronas team."

According to Aris, "on the lubricant side, Petronas will be the OEM supplier (notably Syntium) to Mercedes' operations and market in China, the UK and Turkey where Petronas lubricant will be used as "first field oil" (one fill by the manufacturer during production) and subsequently, in the "service field" as the factory recommended oil. China, which is the fastest growing lubricant market in the world, is certainly a place where Petronas want to be."
This is definitely a winning situation for Petronas. It may increase the 2% command of world lubricant market that it already has. As for patriotism, by establishing a renowned global Malaysian brand is more than what we could asked from Petronas.

Saturday, 31 October 2009


A few my friends had flown to Mecca for pilgrimage in the Haj season this year. As a Muslim, we are required to go for pilgrimage in Mecca for at least once if we can afford it. Upon praying for their safe return, I suddenly remembered an old acquaintance of some 20 years ago. His name is Ibraheem Moujood.

He was working as a chauffer in Baghdad with office where I worked. A pious Sri Lankan Muslim, Ibraheem Moujoud had never missed his 5 times a day prayer. Ha had performed Haj for more than four times in Mecca. His wife and children lived in Colombo and Ibraheem sent them monthly subsistence without fail. A good man he was.

I sometime spent a few hours in his living quarters, especially after finishing my work late in the evening. He made a good curry and I often help myself to the kitchen and ate his curry with whatever available there.

Ibraheem liked to drink. He always had a few type of alcoholic drinks under his bed. He was a habitual drinker. It was good that he didn't drink while working, or otherwise I would be the first person to get him terminated from his job. This was made known to him and he did not dare mix his drinking habit with his work.

During my few visits to his quarters, I repeatedly argued with him that it is useless to pray five times a day without fail and performed haj many times if he is still drinking. Ibraheem just came out with a simple answer. For him, he can do as much sins as he can and all the sins would be washed out when he went to pilgirmage in Mecca.

I do not know exactly how this is correctly interpreted in Islam, but I totally don't agree with Ibraheem. To me getting rid of your sin is not as simple as washing your clothes. For those who went to Mecca for Haj and thought that they can simply wash away whatever sins and misdeeds they may have done, well, they should try to think again.

As for Ibraheem, I have never heard of him again. Probably the number of his trips to Mecca has quardrupled over the years.

Saturday, 20 June 2009


PETALING JAYA: The sharp market pullback this week caught many traders by surprise but analysts feel that the uptrend remains intact in the longer term.

“Valuations were too rich and a correction is healthy,” Kenanga Research head of research Yeonzon Yeow said.

The index had climbed 30% since the middle of March before correction set in earlier this week. From a peak of 1,095.91 points on June 12, the KL Composite Index (KLCI) dropped to a low of 1,052.48 on Thursday.

“I think there’s still about 10% to 15% of correction to go from the peak,” Yeow said.

“When we start seeing real economic recovery after the third quarter of this year and fresh catalysts come onstream, the market will react positively.”

Areca Capital Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Danny Wong also remains bullish on the market in the medium to longer term. “I actually think this is the start of a bull run and investors should accumulate on weakness,” he said.

“Asia will take the lead in the next couple of years. Compared with the pre-Asian financial crisis days, our gearing levels are lower, earnings stronger and we have a more resilient banking system.

“Already, we are near the bottom or off bottom, of an economic recovery.
“As equity recovery generally moves six months ahead of an economic recovery, I would say we are at the beginning of a bull run,” Wong said.

Aberdeen Asset Management Sdn Bhd managing director Gerald Ambrose concurs. “With interest rates down all over the world, money tends to find its way to the most attractive investment and to me, that’s Asia,” he said.

However, he feels that the KLCI is going to “wobble around in this trading range for a very long time”.

“I don’t feel a soaring confidence about the West; my gut feel is that momentum has gone there, and if we are going to be following them, it’s going to be difficult,” Ambrose said. “Certain quarters have priced in a full recovery there (but), I don’t believe in that.”

Pong Teng Siew, head of research at Jupiter Securities, believes the liquidity, which had been driving the market up in the recent rally, has reached its tail-end.

“The recent rally in Malaysia was supported primarily by domestic funds. The next peak might not happen until later this year as foreign funds gradually move into emerging markets following the easing of the interest rates there,” he said.

Source : The Star Saturday June 20, 2009
By Yvonne Tan


Yes it is a heavy correction. After correcting downward, it will start to correct upward. There are so many companies so cheap out there. It is still not too late to own a good pick.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


A long lost friend visited me yesterday. We became friend a long time ago, way back in 1989.

Yes, it was twenty years ago.

He still looked the same. A same person, except that he is now in a different stature. He is going to a country representing the King, the SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong. He is a new Ambassador of Malaysia to that country.

He had five passports in his hand and he showed me one of them, a brown covered passport. I took it and realised that it was a travel document called Certificate of Identity, belonged to a pretty five years old girl. It was actually not a passport, but can be used to travel in-leiu of passport.

He told me that he had adopted the girl and the girl cannot be issued a proper passport because she is stateless. Meaning that she is not a citizen of Malaysia and also not a citizen of any other country. Her mother, an Indonesian lady abandoned her five days after gave birth to her in Malaysia. Because she was abandoned right after birth, no one can register her birth in the Indosesian Embassy to claim her citizenship as the right to register is only accorded to her maternal parents, who had already disappeared.

After hearing the story, I knew that my friend is taking a huge responsibility. Not only he will look after the girl's welfare, he would also have to accept the girl as his own. When she grows up, she will definitely ask a lot of questions about her identity as she is diferent from other siblings. Any wrong words from the family members would have a huge consequences.

I asked a quite important question to my friend. Would he take the girl as his own and he said yes. I asked him another question, if he considered the girl as his own, is he going to distribute his asset and property fairly between his children including the adopted girl knowing it very well that the girl is not entitled even a single cent from his estate. He told me that he knows it very well that the girl would not be entitled of anything in the event of his death under the Islamic Law of the country. But he had already vowed that the girl is one of his own. To make sure the girl would get a fair share of his estate, he transfered one of his plots of land in Kedah under the adopted girl's name and the land is left under a trustee until the girl reached the age to hold the property. He told me that if he dies tomorrow, he will die happy because he did not abandon the girl, not just like the girl's real mother abandoned her.

The law may not recognised the girl as his own child, but his action would secure her welfare and she would have no doubt as being part of the family.

I was amazed. Not everybody have the same heart as my friend.

I wish him well for his new ambassadorship. May god bless him.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Today is probably one of the best day for me. I switched on my computer, go to the internet and I noticed the speed is a bit fast. I go to the Bandwidth Place Speed Test, click the test and I found out that my speed today is 780 kilobits per second. Wow! The fastest since I got home 6 months ago.

I normally got 175 kilobits per second for the suppossedly 1 MB bandwidth that I paid monthly. When opening the account, they told me that I should get at least 800 kilobits per second. I gave up complaining to Streamyx Service Centre and adopted a wait and see attitude. Just to see how long they would resolve it. It took them 3 months. Repeat 3 months. Bravo TM Net. I almost gave up posting a new entry in this blog.

By the way, when I was in London, the minimum speed was 1.5MB per second, and I used to get 2MB per second.

That was then.